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Facebook.com/Progressive Movement Method


 Michael Polito teaches his students an approach utilizing an evolving body conditioning method. It is a method that is constantly adapting and improving. The method is based on Michael's relationships with gymnastic conditioning, yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, meditation practice, breathing, his past childhood play, and connection with nature and human evolution.  It focuses heavily on improving and restoring functional natural movement, strength, and mobility. Our bodies were designed to move, yet most people use only a fraction of their potential. Michael believes strongly the importance of integrating movement throughout the day.  Michael's  Progressive Movement Method,  has been devised to help people increase their strength, flexibility, agility, dexterity, balance, mobility, mental awareness and coordination.  Most physical problems and inabilities that people encounter are most commonly contributed to inactivity, improper form and technique,  too much specialization in a certain aspect of training, or diet and lifestyle. In most instances, a combination of all of these. 

A good teacher, or trainer will explain and educate.   Michael teaches movements slowly, with utmost control to protect against injury.  He will also listen to problems and frustrations you may be encountering and design a program that is practical and doable for you personally.  You do not need to be an anatomist, doctor or nutritionist,  but a basic understanding of how your body works will help guide you.

Michael concentrates on a number of different training aspects. Some include; simple to complex strength movements,  re-hab & pre-hab drills and exercises,  mobility training, ground flow (using nothing but the floor), gymnastic conditioning methods, and exercises and movement practices obtained from ancient martial arts, yoga and dance practice. He believes that we should be taking more advantage of the outdoor natural environment. Real world strength is what we ultimately need to function in our environments outside of the gym and training facilities. Can you run down a hill of uneven terrain ? Can you throw, lift or run with heavy awkward objects? Can you crawl on your hands and feet comfortably without pain or discomfort? Can you balance yourself, and walk along a log, or climb a tree if being chased by a wild animal? Can you defend yourself if you ever needed to? Who is to say that any normal person would not have to do these things or many others at some point in their lives? Michael believes firmly that real functional movement will prepare you for the outside day to day world. It will keep you naturally fit, strengthen your whole body, and provide a higher quality of life.

Michael believes that your training and movement practice should be enjoyable and playful. Something that you look forward to. It should be rewarding and improve the quality of your body, mind and life.

PLAY...To be a need and unconscious awareness. An instinctive action.



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