So you have been told by your doctor that you are in excellent shape, and given a clean bill of health, but you still feel horrible, out of shape, weak, overweight, and have no energy or drive. You are finding it difficult to shed some pounds, and diet and exercise are not working. You wonder why you are overweight to begin with, with what little food you are currently consuming.  At anytime does your doctor discuss proper exercise, body ph level, nutrition or recommend a qualified fitness or wellness professional ?  I don't think most do.  Does he or she discuss the benefits of proper breathing, strength vs cardio exercise, the dangers of blue light, electro magnetic fields, and the health concerns involving electronic devices that are all part of our everyday life?

Well, this is where I may be able to help.  I am a straight forward person. I believe in basic, simple principles of Mother Nature. No, I am not a doctor or registered dietician.  What I am though is someone who listens, and recommends nothing but what nature supplies us naturally. I have been involved with athletics, exercise and nutrition over the past 35 years (refer to my bio under Mike Polito).  I have conducted extensive self research on natural healing, wellness, nutrition, exercise and movement. I do not recommend any sort of drugs, man made supplements, protein shakes,  or energy or muscle enhancements. I have been approached numerous times over the past several months to recommend, endorse and offer supplementation programs and products, but I have turned them all down. I truly believe that Mother Nature herself supplies us with all that we need to keep us healthy, and reverse disease and minor illnesses.

Through the many methods I have learned from my teachers, mentors and research, I have been able to help many people with problems such as; obesity, chronic pain, fatigue, drive, and will power. I have worked with people with arthritis, lupus, cancer, and physical disabilities.  I do not claim to be a "healer" or miracle worker, but what I do well is getting people back on track and reconnected to nature. I am very successful with getting people excited about taking better care of themselves through the use of proper diet, natures tools,  and body movement.  There is no need  for all  the problems people encounter today. Child obesity is out of control. Cancer and heart disease are on the rise.  Through inactivity, exposure to EMFs, and not getting proper nutrition and exercise, our bodies will not be able to compete with disease. 

My consultations are private,  and can be conducted in person, via phone or Skype. 

I am a fitness trainer, teacher and lecturer as well as a fitness, health and wellness consultant in the Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County area, and throughout the Hudson Valley.



5 Private Strength & Movement Sessions:  $450 (used within 1 month)

20 Private Strength & Movement Sessions: $1,700 (used within 3 months)

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